Sky Global Sim (Roaming Prepaid Sim) Only - Verzending per post.

Sky Global Roaming SIM Card - Online Top up -

Zoekt u een goedkopere alternatief voor roaming en bellen als u in het buitenland met vakantie of voor een zakelijk reis bent?  U kunt van goedkoper tarief and de hoogste bel qualiteit genieten dankzij Sky Global Roaming SIM-kaart! Koop een nu!


Buy a Sky Global Roaming SIM online via easily quickly and safely. Global Roaming SIM is a prepaid international SIM card that will significantly reduce your mobile phone charges when travelling abroad. When you move between countries, Global Roaming SIM will move seamlessly with you, picking up a new network as soon as you arrive in a new destination, enabling you to make cheap calls. 

Roaming Coverage across the Globe

Global Roaming SIM service works in over 225 countries and more than 500 networks, many of which, receiving calls is free. In many countries this SIM can connect to more than one local network to make and receive calls. This SIM will automatically select the network with the strongest signal, but it may be possible to manually select another network from the available network list when you search through your handset menu. The call rates will always be the same irrespective of the network chosen. Global Roaming SIM only charges for the outgoing calls from the point when the called party answers and are charged on a per minute basis.

SIM card with UK Mobile Numbers (+4477000)

Global Roaming SIM is based out of the UK and therefore the SIM mobile number has a +44 prefix. The cost to call the Global SIM will depend on how much your network provider or fixed line carrier charges to call a UK based mobile phone number.

No Contracts and No Hidden Costs

As Global Roaming SIM card is pre-activated and is pre-paid, there's no monthly bill or contracts involved. There are no hidden costs, no daily service charges and no annual service charges. Unlike other providers, the SIM card will not expire and no monthly charges are involved.

Huge savings on Roaming Charges and Competitive Market rates

With the Global Roaming SIM, you can save up to 90% when calling from overseas with roaming rates starting as low as 9c per minute. Outgoing calls to majority of the European Union countries are just 10 cents per minute. See our tariff page for the low cost rates.

Prepaid 3G AND GPRS Data Service

With the Global Roaming SIM, you can use your wireless device to access prepaid data services either via GPRS or 3G across the world. This allows you to control your data costs but still access various services over the Internet.

How do I check my credit balance on the SIM?
To check the balance on the SIM card please dial *187#. In a short while, you will receive a text message. This will notify the remaining balance on your account.

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